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Man call him :: Newspaperman
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- 01.05.2012. - Greatest of all time - Ayrton Senna (21.03.1960. - 01.05.1994.)

"It's going to be a season with lots of accidents, and I'll risk saying that we'll be lucky if something really serious doesn't happen" - Ayrton Senna - Interview before 1994 season!


I was 6, maybe 7 years old, when one Sunday afternoon, my father brought me at my uncle's caffe bar to have a drink or two.. Actually my father decide to go on drink, so I went along him.. Not being part off the oldest 'conversation' and not having same taste of prefered drinks, I sat on some chair and already starting to saying that good all sentence that all kids do:" Daddy, when we will go home?".. But, I had better chance to score with A.Jolie, rather than I get atteniton with my dad to listen me and not to mention that we will go home! #lach
So, with soda in my hand, I sat back, and decide to watch (in that time of new tehnlology) color TV! #zuzwinker I want to watch some cartoons of Tom&Jerry, but some fat guy behind me didn't let me to switch channel, cause he was watching some car racing on TV! So, without any choice, I started to watch that too! I don't know every racing details from that race, but I know that I decide to support some driver in nice red-silver car (I think that was a color)! He was around 6-th place, but he was a quite good, and was racing really fast cause he starts to passing everybody.. In the end I manage to read his name.. A.Senna.. Maybe it's Ante Senna ( FYI my real name is Ante #zuzwinker ) so I thought I was supporting a driver with my name! How cool is that? #blbl In the end it turns out it was 'just' Ayrton Senna.. 'JUST'!! #respekt

18 years have passed since legendary Ayrton Senna died in tragical car accident at San Marino on Imola track! Mourning for him in these days, is almost the same as that damn day when he died! :fooli117: That 'black' weekend on Imola will stay in history of racing for all time! Not only that we lost one of the best idols in eyes of every fans in Forumla One, but day before, on qualifications, at that same track died young Austrian driver Roland Ratzenberger, and two days before race, in that time still new and young driver, Rubens Barichello had a amazing luck to stay alive! He had hard injuries of his nose, face, and arm, so he didn't even drove a Sunday race, but unfortunately, Senna did.. :fooli117:

Senna was very nervous that Sunday on Imola, according to people who was close to him, because he was interceding for safetier conditions in Formula One that season, so death of Roland Ratzenberger and heavy injurie or Rubens Barichello must made him even angry! (Rubens announce that first man he saw in hospital after that accident was Ayrton crying near him). Later, in his crashed Forumla car, they find Austrian flag under the seat, which he was attend to show it at the poduim after end of the race in the respet of late Roland.. :fooli007: Unfortunately, that never happend, and from that day we never even saw his Brasilian flag too! #heul To complete full irony of this, that Sunday morning, Ayrton was at the meeting with all drivers where it was decide it that they will made association for rasing security&saftey level on racing day, and they even vote for Ayrton to be on head of that association! Isn't fate doomed or what? #zorn

If there is 'better' side of this 'medal', it's that form that day, no one else died on Forumla One race, and security&safety are raised in perfection so driver is now well protected for almost every possible accident..
"It can always happen unpredictable things, and then you are faced with danger!But, if there weren't those things, this sport would haven't be same, so that's the part of the excitement and emotion which Formula One can offer! Also, that's part of the racing sport, and, in fact that's my life, so I must fave with those risk" - Ayrton Senna..

Before he come to F1, he was Champion of South America in karting racing, followed by European Champion Formula Ford, then Chamipon of Formula 3.. In Formula One he was from 1984. until he died on 1994.where he droved 161 race, 3 times being Champion, 41 wins, 65 Pole Positions and 80 podiums.. More then anything, his career was determine by rivalry with Alain Prost, cause they had epic 'battles' on tracks, especially when they become teammates on McLaren in 1988.Their rivalry is(was) strongest, if not most strongest in sports history not just on Formula 1. There was lot's of collisions between them, many controversies, but mutually human and sport respects! When they had same car form 1988-1993 Senna was 3 times Championship with 32 wins, and Prost was 2 times Chamiponship with 23 wins, but what he was doing in qualifications, that was incredible! He made 65 Pole Positions! True, Michael Schumacher did manage to be better then Senna with 68 Poles, but Michael needed 291 races to do that, and Senna did that in just 161 race! Senna's preformance on rain, Monaco's 5 wins in the rows (total of 6 wins there), 'rain dance' on Donington Park in 1993. where he manage to pass Schumacher, Hill, Wendlingera and even Prost on first lap of the race #cup1 is just some details of his amazing career, that was unfortunately, ended to soon!

At his funeral in Brasil, there were 3 milion of people! There were 3 days mourning, and he was buried with highest honors! There isn't town in Brasil that some street doesn't have his name, and his tomb has more visit per year then JFK, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley all together!! In fact, there weren't any crime on streets those days and for Brasil that was impossible to even believe!

Michael Schumacher has every record in all categories in Formula One history, but despise all that records, dominations, 7 Champ titles, he may never ever have fame of the Greatest of all time.. Although epithet of 'greatest' can be observe from many perspectives and angles, for that title, isn't good enough to have best statistics on your side, cause in this case, you must have see 'hole picture' of driver and see what he can offer beyond track, his charisma and character, and that's stuff that Michael can't provide as late Senna did! If M.Schumacher is Chamipon of the records, Senna is Chamipon of the hearts! #cup1

Few years ago, respected British car-magazine 'AutoSport', announce a poll of 'Who is the Greataest driver in Formula 1 history?" , but just amoung living Forumla 1 drivers. There were actuall F1 drivers ( Vettel, Massa, Button..) and those who retired, and number was 217!! So votes of just those people who droved Fromula Cars and those who knows how's 'down there' on a hot asphalt track! In the end one just poped out - Greatest of all time - Ayrton Senna!!



1. May 2012, 15:29
Driver and Poster
Driver and Poster||
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Joined: 05.2011
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Location: Split, CROATIA
Thanks: 32
Thanked: 172 times in 107 posts
Gender: Male
Highscores: 19
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Man call him :: Newspaperman
Post Re: Last Page..
- 16.05.2012. - JAHOMBRE: Unplugged and Uncensored

Some of you may know him better, some (like me) maybe don't, so it's time to set things up, and clear it once for all! #respekt I decide it to spare some free time, and make lagrer inteview with ou lovley Jahombre, so I'll aksed him 20 quetions in many topics, so seat back and enjoy of our Lion Leader - Jahombre! #zuzwinker

Cyrex: 1. Hello MAN!! #respekt Few words about yourself? Age? Born town? Relationship status? Wife&kid? Work? Hobbies besides Trackmania? Drinks? Eats? #blbl
Jahombre: Ok Hello all,hehe .... #torch
I was born at the 20th August 1974 as a zodiac sign Lion :Lion: in Lüdenscheid, 50km south of Dortmund (Germany) and I was then very small but now a happily single so without wife but I miss kids. And I have three cats, Malik ,Gaddhafi and Babsi, they are all my fans. In real life I am a lousy warehouseman inna wood wholesale but the worldwide best forklift driver there #top , my hobbies are hearing music (Reggaemusic), making music,asking why is it all as it is and watching soccer (heartical BVB Fan) and boxing on tv or live on stage. I prefer to drink water or to much coffee, I also prefer at least to eat bread but I eat none meat, pork or fish. #nono Broccoli is the hammer! #sabber

Cyrex: 2. Forklift FTW! #lach When you first hear about Trackmania and why did you decide it to buy it?
Jahombre: I had read about Trackmania in the beginning 2008 (TrackManiaNationsForever, the very best free download game for free man!) me,Jahmazan and Mimoun had it downloaded directly, and a few weeks later Catilo too, cause we all live together as fraternal friends and we bought it cause ........

Cyrex: 3. When you all 'fall in love' with it?
Jahombre: We met cool people in the late BBG Clan (R.I.P.) like Icke, LameDuck, Krümel, Quickies, Tina, MaSSa, Monty and BVB. We joined and drove good races, me, Jahmazan, Mimoun and Catilo was the FourLions as in real life before. The BBG Clan drove in F1 Style and that was that what we like and with all this nice guys,Tina and Krümel we were in love with Trackmania. :smiley_emoticons:

Cyrex: 4. When you decide to create online TM team? And how did you find members?
Jahombre: But then there were dark clouds over the whole BBG Clan! :fooli024: (BBG means Bad Boys Germany I learned later). And something mystical, something weird wafted through the air.
Some were mad :fooli026: , Some were crazy #vogel but not the 4Lions, Icke, LameDuck, Krümel, Quickies, Tina, MaSSa, Monty and BVB #bg . The 4Lions knew it's time to go now and we gone inna cool and deadly style #flatter . The Crazies threw stones behind #steinschleuder but they did not hit us :fooli053: . But really ....... I have never decided to create a Trackmania Online Team. #nixweiss

Cyrex: 5. Tell us more about that starting moments of this team, making forum, buying servers, making lots of tracks, etc?
Jahombre: Not even at the beginning of 2009 where I and the other three decided that we are never more inna stupid clan, with sneaky tricks and politics, super obligation and members from strictly one Nation because every day I can see..... many people from germany.
But I man not as dumb as I look #putz and I have learned many things about Trackmania although I knew not what is a Link before 2008, the time before I've typed the first time on a keyboard. I was an enemy of the internet. But everything changed and I had built many tracks inna Formula One Style and there we want to go. And I said lets drive in our same color Red,Gold and Green. We had a FourLionsForum before to met our people there, and there we had sent our race results later.
And all my maps was online just sometimes, on the same PC where I was ingame.

Cyrex: 6. Who was at beginning with you all along and did you have any help?
Jahombre: Jahombre,Jahmazan,Mimoun and Catilo drove on.
In same colors, and I think thats why some guest asked us if they can join our Clan? From there on is our slogan, 'no Clan no obligigation' and after many questions I said .... why not? We have a Forum, Catilo got webspace, I have Ecclestone Talent and I would be the Ruler then. No obligations must be there. But we needed a Name and maybe Bob Marley #rasta influenced me with his song 'Roots Rock Reggae' a little,hehe. It is a cool Name, RootsRockRacing. And they all came to us, #star many BBG Members and others too.

Cyrex: 7. Why exactly did you name it ROOTSROCKRACING? #kopfkratz
Jahombre: Cause Roots is the beginning of life man, and it is solid as a Rock and we all gonna Racing,yeah !!! #rasta

Cyrex: 8. Nice explain! #respekt Did you think that this will last so long and after many yeras will be still playing this game?
Jahombre: I just thought that I self drive Trackmania many years but not that I man together with such nice people the whole time, and for the future .... I do not even know what tomorrow will bring, I just even know that we are happy today and I hope tomorrow too, most important is the real life from all of us. But when the work is done and nothing better to do for the day, I want to be there for you and me then, and we drive cool races, I think .... whooooo? who is it who let us find together? So nice people here, for me small fish it is worth to do that all here. I am very thankful to the One who is responsible. How long it stays that way is not may making, I wanted so long as you want. #zwinker

Cyrex: 9. Trackmania 2 seems to be very nice sequel of Trackmania United , and, according to number of drivers per race, has a nice future?
Jahombre: My thinking is that some Lions here does not recognize that the future of TM2 seems not so nice because of that we have many racers per race. But I do not care, because I know that NADEO will not make closing time made in love to us, they just can't keep their appointments. Remember ........ I man not as dumb as I look, and everything is gonna be alright.

Cyrex: 10. Where did you learn all this stuff about making mods, car skins, plugins, nice tracks, banners&stuff, etc? And how much time do you need to do that?
Jahombre: I learned all these things about 50 centimeters in front of my monitor onna hard wooden chair in my living room under the roof in a house with 6 families. And even if you not see me, many days I need the whole freetime, no no .... no need .... I use the whole freetime. :cherrysmilies005: But I can not say how long I need or use for a skin or track, it is very different every time. But I am still in love with Trackmania that there is always a pleasure.

Cyrex: 11. #klatsch Then you must be very satisfied when you see 30 drivers per race and everyone is happy with your Laps race with PITS and GRIDS?
Jahombre: Oooooouh yes I ............ You have to see how I sit on my hard wooden chair then.
With retracted belly, a breast like a rooster and a face like Napoleon.

Cyrex: 12. Hahaha.. But when mrs. Jahombre shows up in your life(and I know it will) and you get little Jahombres in your house, what then? Will you have time for us, or you will be saying: „RRR? What's that?“ Or you will be too as LameDuck and Krumel, so Mr.&Mrs. Jahombre will be driving in same team? #blbl
Jahombre: No........ when she come, I man out #flatter . But when she came maybe is also peace in Palestine,you know? #bg So I can't imagine what could be with woman and me.
I have to live my life alone and I don't know why, I am a mocking bird with a Lionheart. Respect to all woman but they are also satisfied without me. But don't care, I man chose this way and I man here for you. Still happy and still strong.
#muckiman No time to be depressed and RootsRockRacing is the best.

Cyrex: 13. I know there's a woman for you, just you didn't meet her yet! Even Slaven has a woman!! #blbl Anyway, I wasn't in many online gaming clans, but here it isn't clan, it's more like family! I never encounter here any fights, any bad discussions, any bad words (expect Laurens, but he isn't part of this team so that doesn't count!), so it's very nice to be here with you, and especially on server where everyone is very polite! You must be very proud of that?
Jahombre: True true, As I said I man very proud but that is my ego, rather, I must be grateful, be thankful to you because there is nothing to be proud without your love for that what I do. I mean, not only I give something, we all do that and only that makes RootsRockRacing strong, stronger than before.

Cyrex: 14. They say that games ar for kids, but here we have major people over 30+ yeras, and they still have lots of fun playing and racing with each other! Maybe that's why is here always peaceful cause they are many 'older' drivers with family so they know how to behave?
Jahombre: I say NO ! #nono
No matter for me how old you are, just how you are. If you are peaceful, it does not matter how old you are. If you are a fool is it no matter too. You don't have to be grown for the things that matter. And all young people of RRR are very peaceful. #bg

Cyrex: 15. Inded! Dome, Winner, Massa.. All of them nice young people! #top You have many Champinoships so far, way before I came here.Any special Chamiponship that bring back good memorys? Formula Lions? 500 miles? Summer Cup? Rally? Other? Or it's GT on TM2 is best so far?
Jahombre: It was so many races that I ever use our Forum to remind me what was happen on each race, sorry.
But if you believe it or not, there was some races where I man beat MaSSa, however, he has become better and better and I have always remained the same. The DTM Season 2009 was the best to me until the TM2 GT series, the Summercup was cool too with many many racers and my virtual friend Andrey/Shilak is also a reason why I know such people like Cyrex,Slaven and TTCO or Sulfite and Remasy from SSR #bg

Cyrex: 16. Any special driver you like to mention who aren't amoung us any more?
Jahombre: No, sorry..... all Lions are still present. Ouh wait............ Reh and RioRalle, do you remember?
Nice guys, and I feel bad a little about how I have treated them and TM2 is the reason why. #schaem
But they were always well. #top

Cyrex: 17. Yep, those two were very good on TMU, so hoping to see them in TM2 soon! #zuzwinker We all saw your 'THANK YOU' message after GT Season 1 Final Race, so no need to tell us once more about each member in team, but is there any thing that you can like to add? Maybe you like to see more posts in forum for those drivers that don't post often?
Jahombre: Could it be that you like that to see at least much as I ,man? hehehe #lach
But it is ok, we all write really more than before. #bg
Thank you again Newspaperman. #drueck And more to add? I think of anything and the good Ideas have you at the moment and if I have an idea soon so I throw it on the table. :fooli093:

Cyrex: 18. Besides RRR Team, we have now lots of friends&partners who often play with us on our evetns, so that's one more good reason to continue having more evetns right?
Jahombre: Yes right, to find out who are the real racers, who like our style of racing cause we must all come together for having nice real life outimes. And RootsRockRacing is the Number One Station but that do not know all Real Racers today. Lets Racing and Racing and Racing with all we got to find out.

Cyrex: 19. Any idea when next GT Season will be started? As you can see in Flash News, Teams are very eager to start new Season? #torch
Jahombre: I keep focus to EURO 2012 and I want no crash with each game. That would be the first own goal. #lach But I have not checked exactly when the games are #schaem , so it could be that we start after the football EURO but no later then. I hope it is ok to all. More Information will coming soon for sure, I for myself are impatient too.
What I can say now is which Tracks will come to GT Series season 2, it will be GT Desert, GT Grindelald, GT Granada, GT GingSeng, GT Marionaco (Night), GT RootsRockRacing, GT Texas, GT Sauerland, GT Marrakesh, GT Addis Ababa and two more tracks I want to build.

Cyrex: 20. Ouuh, new tracks! Nice! And final Question will be not Question! Write what ever you wanna write, or sing us new song cause we all know that you have a gift for that, and in fact, you and Slaven must record some duet in future! #blbl #respekt
Makes you not care
we will make us the fool one day
again but we really don't know when.
Me wanna write thank you
for this Interview
we put this through
but we never knew
when we that do
if a Killa Post will coming true
but it was really a plesure.

There you go my friends, hope you like reading this, and hope you now get more Info about one man who keep this under control here - our beloved Jahombre! #respekt Hope you like this, cause more special news and new ideas are in my head, but for now, enjoy reading this..

RR Cyrex


16. May 2012, 20:17
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