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Post Re: Reviews..
- 13.12.2012. - hal.ko.Majo form other planet

GT Season 3 - Race 02 - GT Dominique - Race Review

Second GT race is over, and things becoming to be more clearly! hal.ko.Majo is one fast mother****er!! #respekt But best thing on this race that we had 27 drivers!!! #top I'm so proud at this moment, as I see more new faces with us, and that we had great feedback from them! Hwo knows, maybe even Nadeo pronounce this GT Championship as official Nadeo Championship in the future #respekt

Back to race review.. As I sad 27 drivers were there, but one is the best! hal.ko.Majo gets another win with another Pole Position! Is he even human? I thought GR-Robbi and RR-Dome are 2 levels above everybody, but Majo is 2 level above them! #zuzwinker GR-Robbi was second on the Grid, and RR-Dome behind him! Amok-Reset was 4-th, but he had a major problem on race start, so he DNF at the start of the race unfortunately.. Also RR-Slaven was 8-th in quali, but he also DNF due fuel leak so he stayed at the Grid only.. Also there was few new faces.. Norvir-Norman-mouz and Norvir-Trevir.. Welcome guys! #top

It was a long race with 82 laps, but laps were short and drivers need to pay attention to frst turn 82 times, cause that was a 'breaking-point' turn! In the end hal.ko.Majo was first with +42.828 seconds of gap from RR-Dome! :fooli001: Amazing.. #top RR-Dome manage to get silver medal here proving he is still 'in the game'! #zuzwinker Gr-Robbi didn't manage to beat Dome, and he was behind him for just +2.453 seconds! Forth was GR-Mad_NSD.emu , and new driver Norvir-Norman-mouz was 5-th! Nice!

RR-Winner manage to beat RR-Wessy for six place for only +0.303 seconds! #respekt RR-LameDuck drove another great race and he was 8-th in the end, and very close to 6-th place! #top Also, RR-Andi drove amazing race too! He finish on 9-th place amoung this large number of drivers! Great work! #cool2 10-th was new driver Norvir-Trevir! RR-Sulfite was 11-th, and MidnightMan was 12-th leaving his teammate DarkMan on 16-th place, so now is Dark : Midnight = 1:1 #respekt miniMAX team (RR-TTC= and RR-Sm!e) were 13-th and 14-th, and RR-CoolDriving was 15-th! Tkon-Drive didn't drove as he can, so he end up on 17-th place! Also RR-Icke had a bad race too, so he end up on 18-th place! Lady RR-Kurmel was better then RR-tbiviven and RR-Jahombre for 19-th place! My friend Ombre must going to a rough time so he wasn't 'in the race' at all.. 5 minutes behind leader is just too much for him, knowing how he was very fast at the end of last GT Season.. But, I know he will get strenght for upcoming races, so he will have his revenge! #respekt ShadowMan was on last 22-th place! RR-Remasy, ZimtosMan and Nico Hulkenberg DNF too along with RR-Slaven and Amok-Reset! Better luck next time guys.. #blbl

:likebutton: : 27 drivers!!! #hier hal.ko.Majo form another planet; RR-Dome's and GR-Robbi's race and performance; Norman-mouz 5-th on his first race; another great race by RR-LameDuck; good race for RR-Andi; short lap; new drivers; Standings will be interesting due large number of players!

:dontlikebutton: : hal.ko.Majo uncatchable for others; 5 DNF; 2 drivers didn't even manage to start; RR-Icke bad race, Tkon-Drive bad performance; RR-Jahombre in 'strange dimension' #blbl ; hard fist turn; only few race reviews!; I wasn't there #blbl not having 30+ drivers #blbl

What can I say? When I saw that there were 27 drivers, I was just sad that I was working on Sunday, but it makes me happy to see that GT Championship is still best Championship in TM2 game! #cup1 hal.ko.Majo will be a serial killer for all of us, but that doesn't mean that it will be a boring Championship! On the contrary, due the large number of players so far, fight for TOP 10 will be best so far! Just keep going like this guys! #top NExt Sunday it's TM1 Formula Lion Race turn, so take a rest until next GT Race! #zuzwinker

RR Cyrex


13. Dec 2012, 17:08
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