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Author: SoortErymntop [ 10. Nov 2010, 05:59 ]
Post subject: quick post

hello people! I was for a long time period a non registered watcher of this forum and now it's nice moment to step out of the darkness of anonymity :P

few infos about me: 30 yars old, beginner web desinger & most importantly constant reader subforum board.

Author: RR Chilla [ 10. Nov 2010, 09:48 ]
Post subject: Re: quick post

and what do you wanna say with that?^^

Author: RR Jahmane [ 10. Nov 2010, 13:19 ]
Post subject: Re: quick post

Hi Soort Erymntop =)

Author: Midnight Man [ 22. Jan 2014, 20:32 ]
Post subject: Re: quick post

#megaphone Hello Racing Friends ! #torch

I would like to invite you to drive a "good old" GT Race on my Home Server.
It´s free for all.
Only for the fun that we had always here on RRR. #bg
With 10 min Qualy and than the Race.

Trackname - GT MountainValley ( in Canyon )
Day - 2nd February 2014 ( Sunday )
Distance - 37 + 1 Laps ( hope it is done in 1 hour )
Servername - Indy Legends 500
In - World/Germany/North Rhine-Westfalia
Qualy begins at 20:00 Servertime
Race starts at 20:15 Servertime

The Server will be online one week before the race starts for practice. #lupe
But not 24 hours a day. Only in the evening hours when i´m back from work. I´m sorry for that! #nixweiss
Here you need practice, surely! It´s not an easy Track. :fooli001:
With 15 turns and 2 hairpins. My best Laptime = 1:16.266. #zuzwinker

Here a link to the Video I have made from the Track. :fooli008:
Enjoy watching.

Hope to see you on practice week and at race!
Greez Midnight


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